Zifafday services from A to Z:

A as in Accommodation
b as in Bouquet
C as in Cake
D as in Dress
E as in Entertainment
F as in Flowers
G as in Gowns Bridal rhyme
H as in Hairdressers and make up
I as in Invitation
L as in Lighting
M as in Music
N as in Nationality
O as in Old timer
P as in Photographer
Q as in Quality
R as in Reception
S as in Settings
T as in Transportation
U as in Umbrella
V as in Video services
Z as in ZifafDay


Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +96170280480


Articles & Media

Way-Back Machine 9 photos


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Special Thanks From Zifafday :)

Koko Romeo on Nov 7, 2011 via web