DMG is a collective of DJs, Artists, Photographers, Designers & Music enthusiasts promoting and spreading a wide range of Electronic Music. Their mission is to educate, support, and expose local artists and the public to alternative genres of music that are different from main stream music.

The main genres DMG are focusing on during this time period are: Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Beat, Bass, Dub, IDM, Micro-House, Breaks, Glitch-Hop, Glitch-Step, Jungle, Hard-Tekno, Hardcore, Breakcore, and experimental music


Trakhadrom is a series of monthly Drum n Bass podcasts/DJ-mixes to play and download started on February 2011 in Lebanon. Uploaded on & presented By "Skitzo" and "Tavarish" members from the DMG crew.

The cast features local & International DJs/Producers. Dedicated to introducing and spreading the different styles of Drum n Bass. Expect energetic sets, head drilling bass lines & filthy beats.

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