Your brand is your most valuable intangible asset. In today’s market, every company desires to project and transform its brand experience into measurable results.

As a branding and design consultancy firm, TagBrands align business strategies to communication objectives in order to ensure strong brand value and generate higher returns.

TagBrands work passionately to forge your brand, enforce its strengths, and guarantee its continued impact. They are engaged in an integral branding process that requires progression, integration, research and development, and most of all, creative imagination.

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    Tagbrands brand development for Pynkiss turns heads at Milan Fashion week:

    Pynkiss, the new Hello Kitty fashion label with brand identity developed by design and branding agency Tagbrands, was launched to great acclaim in Milan Fashion Week 2011.

    Tagbrand’s aim was to position the Pynkiss collection as a high-end fashion brand that would appeal to a more sophisticated and mature audience whilst retaining the strong heritage of the Hello Kitty mother brand.

    Using personalized graphical elements and typography, Tagbrands developed a luxurious and feminine brand identity, subtly incorporating the iconic Hello Kitty icon into the Pynkiss brand logo. The designs were applied in soft shades of lavender to identify an elegant signature color for the brand.

    Chady Jreige's, founder and CEO of Pynkiss, commenting on the launch, said ‘We are delighted with the new brand Tagbrands has created for us. Their creative team has a deep understanding
    of branding, graphic design and typography which has really made the Pynkiss brand unique.’ The Pynkiss collections will be unveiled as soon as its first 10 stores open in January 2012 across the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

    Raya Nawbar, Managing Director at Tagbrands also said ‘It was exciting to work with Pynkiss and help create the face of the new Hello Kitty brand. It made everyone in the Tagbrands team proud to see a brand identity we had developed receive such global appreciation.’

    The success of the new Pynkiss brand identity has led to plans for Pynkiss to expand their range, with the addition of accessories, bags and limited edition exclusive pieces that will hit the catwalks in the near future.


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