In Contribution to the revival of "Down Town" and to rebuild the pulse of life to the heart center, a group of young people organized Eid al-Adha festival in order to spread joy in the hearts of the Lebanese in general and children in particular in the context of a series of activities.

Adha Festival

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5 Things Sheep Do During Eid... Blog on Sep 12, 2016

Past Events Here

Tol3et Ri7etkom: Winter is... Gathering (Demonstration)
Tol3it Ri7etkom Protest on... Gathering (Demonstration)
Tol3it Ri7etkon Gathering (Demonstration)
Protest Against the Extension of... Gathering (Demonstration)
Protest Against the Extension of... Gathering (Demonstration)
Demonstration at Nejmeh Square Gathering (Demonstration)
Sit-in Against Domestic Violence... Gathering (Demonstration)
Protest against the Orthodox Law Gathering (Demonstration)
Sit In for Civil Marriage at... Gathering (Demonstration)
Say No to War Demonstration Gathering (Demonstration)
Anti-Sectarianism March Gathering (Demonstration)


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