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Haley Kallenberg
Composer | Performer |Pianist

Award-winning international performing artist Haley Kallenberg was born and raised in Alaska, USA where she started studying piano at age three and took up composing as soon as she had command of the keys. She has done extensive performing of both piano repertoire and her own original compositions world wide throughout Japan, Brazil, Europe, the UAE, and the USA. Kallenberg's music is said to be rhythmically compelling, expressive, and frequently has a quirky sense of humor. Many of her works involve improvisation. Kallenberg graduated Summa Cum Laude form Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, USA where she finished a Bachelor of Music. She has studied under Janice Giteck, Jarrad Powell, Three-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, George Lucktenberg, and Jazz legend Julian Prister. Kallenberg currently maintains an international performing career as a composer/ pianist while based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She has performed with many of the worlds most prestigious artists such as Moscow Philharmonic pianist, Galena Preobrazhenskaya in the USA and Wagner Tiso in Brazil.

Vladimir Kurumilian
Improvisation pianist

Vladimir Kurumilian, born in Beirut in 1988. Started his piano lessons at the age of 5 in the Lebanese National Conservatory and is still following these courses while working on his new improvisation project [entre 2 crochets].
“It’s a matter of context. Listening to an improvised piece while creating it, record it, and listening to it again in a different context.”
Interior architect, [vladimir] has just finished his masters at A.L.B.A. This domain and its counterparts can explain his interest in visuals that he relates to his music. Part of the Lebanese musical scene, his music is heavy with oriental influences too sensed through his rhythm and themes.
After [quand le rythme devient obsessionnel] at Théâtre Monnot in April 2009 and [the grindizer/nosferatu affair] at Walimat in September 2009, [vladimir] pushed his experiments in improvisation further by collaborating with other artists such as Liliane Chlela, Allan Chaaraoui, Karim Khneisser... in different musical projects.
Vladimir also improvised the soundtrack of Jocelyne Saab’s surrealist movie: ‘What’s going on?’


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