In a country where 1 out of 7 children falls victim to sexual abuse, many find themselves learning about these disturbing figures for the first time. That’s because in Lebanon, such topics are not deemed suitable for discussion.

“We have a lot of subjects that are considered taboo in Lebanon, and as a result, we avoid talking about them because they make us feel uncomfortable. Here, the law stops at the doorstep of every home, where abuse can be prevalent”, says Areej Mahmoud (Creative Director, Leo Burnett Beirut).

Himaya, an organization against child abuse, turned to Leo Burnett to create an awareness campaign that would help break the silence and encourage victims and witnesses to begin reporting the abuse.

“While the message was simple, we knew that awakening the public was not going to be. People need to know that any child,even their own, can be a target of this horrible crime, and not just at home, but also in public places where they should feel safe”, says Nada Abi Saleh (Deputy Managing Director, Leo Burnett


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