Born in Mexico, Poly (Paulette Maroun Matta) is a 19 year old sensational upcoming singer/songwriter trying to make a difference in the music industry but specifically in the Arab world.

She graduated from London's prestigious "Institute of Contemporary Music Performance" (ICMP) at the young age of 16.
Taught by the finest icons in the international music scene such as; Vic Bynoe (Eric Clapton, The Drifters, James Brown...), Me'sha Bryan (Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham, S Club 7...) and many more.

Being an english artist is never easy in the arab countries, however, she managed to hit many hearts in the music industry after her first official appearance on all local TV channels during the Christmas music video "Christmas Medley" in December of 2010.
In April 2011 her appearance on MTV's hit show 'Hek Menghanne' with Maya Diab gained her fame and a dedicated following, which boosted her music career in the local scene.

After that the singer went on to perform live for the first time at the annual Music Festival and Headlined two concerts at DRM where she first played her two original songs 'Tough' and 'Eating For Two'
on November 24th the songstress made an appearance at the 'Stock The Wood Concert' to help raise money for tree planting in Lebanon, IBSAR and Poly raised enough money to plant 500 trees in just one night.

Poly has been known for her fashion choices, Her Newspaper dress made by The Recycling Designer is no stranger to TVs, Magazines and Stages. She always integrates recycling into her fashion, whether its recycling old clothes or using cardboard, newspaper, toilet rolls and bubble wrap.

Her most controversial act to date was her appearance in the LBC talk show 'Ahmar Bel Khat El Aarid' where she appeared wearing a condom necklace (co-designed by FaraHourani), talking about the importance of safe sex and publicly declared that she is an LGBT supporter and activist. That night She immediately became the argument of every table in the arab countries.

the Soul/Pop singer is currently in the pre-production period with Jihad Al Murr (MTV, NRJ, Nostalgie) for her debut album.

"With strong ideals and provocative messages about freedom of expression and equality to go alongside her music, her name will surely be remembered" -

"Poly is now more than just the name of a talented young artist, but a symbol os self-expression, freedom of speech" - Scoop City

"She is definitely one to look out for" - The Ladies Toilet

"The Lebanese queen of Pop music" - Stavro Jabra

"Poly, an artistic phenomenon" -

"A star is born" - Jihad El Murr

"She will leave you thirsty for more" - Al Balad

"Wearing a condom necklace on "Ahmar Bel Khat el 3areed" made my jaw drop to the floor, And that doesn't happen often. Love her unapologetic style!" - Beirut Boy

"The unofficial Queen of the Lebanese LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community" - TimeOut Beirut

"Her stage persona is fantastic!" - Nemr About Nassar

"Lavish, eccentric, outlandish, unconventional, chic and stylish, are just some of the things that can begin to describe Poly" - Scoop City

"A performer with a brain and a voice" - Dimitri Kokarev

"Elle attaque les scène Libanaises" - Al Balad

"Don't let all the wigs intimidate you - Poly's one of the sweetest performers you'll ever meet" - Loryne Atoui

"This girl has a voice of soul and a provocative style to match" - TripleW


Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +9613393092


Articles & Media

Poly Covers Rihanna's Stay #NowPlaying on Apr 9, 2013
Fete De La Musique 2012 - Roman ... Album on Jun 21, 2012


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