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George Merheb

George Merheb is one of those artists who live and breathe the light, the shining sun, the blue sky, the warmth, faith, destiny, and the infinite stars. Across the old sea, in Spain and Italy, in Tunisia and Egypt, and in Greece and Lebanon, he preaches for the same overwhelming spirit, a spirit of love, fatality and pride. He paints the stone arcade, the wrought iron and the red roofs, obsessed by the beauty of life and the intensity of emotions. He inscribes himself among those who believed in this «mare nostro», cherishing the splendor of living , «la joie de vivre», the endless summer nights, and the heavenly bliss.

George Merheb is always commemorating those festivities which made the Mediterranean the center of the world: Baalbeck, Carthage, Athens, Pompei, Rome, and Byblos. It's about the joy and the tears, the beauty and the mask, venus and deception, the good times and the bad times, and glamor and flamboyance.

This refined artist gets inspired by the small things of life that constitute his micro-environment: his village of Kfarchima, his vaulted house, the terracotta tiles on the ground, the tarnished stucco in his sun-bathed studio, the scent of jasmine and thyme, the ever present amphora and the archeological remnants of the glorious days. In addition, great passions, the kisses and the lips, fire his heart and brush.

George Merheb in his art, represents the typical example of the enlightened Mediterranean, a worshiper of pantheism.

Daisy AbiJaber

Her paintings always appeal to the world from different dimensions, the exterior, the interior and the deep feelings within. After a lot of experiences between her studies in Lebanon and in Alba, Paris and her study of its beautiful art, along with her practices in Venice and France, marital life and motherhood, she has enlightened her horizons and found a new approach to her feelings and affections. She was convinced that it truly is the right time to focus her talent on the mysterious while keeping it in the boundaries of reality, the main frame of her artistic work.


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