The Story
Of Lebanese descent, Johnny Kafta remained an anonymous Shawarma vendor in Texas for several decades, waiting patiently before stepping into the spotlight, and attaining the international recognition that he fully deserves. He succeeded where many had failed by laying his hands on the famous AL MASLAKH cleaver, an act that can only be performed by those who bare the mark of a True Butcher.

The Kids
The “all too sober” and “all too serious” AL MASLAKH had been mulling the idea of launching a sub-label to accommodate its younger customers. A specially crafted “Kid’s Menu”, designed to soften its image and prepare future generations for its infamous “publishing the unpublishable” doctrine. Mr. Kafta, coming back to his origins all the way from Texas, emerged as the ideal cook for this project.

Johnny’s Kids Menu finally saw the light of day, in blood, on April 8 2010, a sub-label devoted to hybrid rock, psychedelic, noise and folk, both composed and improvised, or, more generally speaking, with any music dealing with a fairly serious amount of electricity issues.

The Menu
In a crazy attempt to reach far beyond the geographical boundaries forced unto him, Mr. Kafta has crafted a very special packaging for his menu. Each of the JKKM products that you order via our “home delivery” system will come to you custom made and fully personalized. A bubble envelope containing the CD, a design on one side, your name and address on the other, and whatever other delights that the international postal services may indulge us with.

Johnny Kafta

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