Underground by Dany's brings you the first edition of After Hour Party, with a diverse DJ line up:
Diamond Setter -(The Basement, Beirut), Frankie- (Beirut), and a special set by Dj Vakcina-(Yerevan, Arm).

  • Entrance: 10,000 LBP
  • About Dj Vakcina:
    DJ Vakcina is the only acting woman DJ in RA. She started her creative life in 2002, when in the Republic Square during the DJENERATION festival she stood by the DJ board and played her first set. At that time she had already decided to conquer this field, as the club music has been her companion since 1997. Everything started when she became the fan of the band “The Prodigy”, afterwards her music companions became Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Junky XL, Lunatic Calm, Moby, Orbital, Future Sound Of London and many other projects and creators acting in club and electronic music style that were famous in early 2000.

    At that time she appeared as DJ SICK. Arusik started to work as DJ Vakcina from 2006-the clubbers of Garage club listened to her professional sets. It was then when Arusik started her author’s program in the ether of radiostation FM 105.5, that continued to be a youth cult program about clubs, DJs and club life for 3 years. During the program almost all the DJs and projects that came to Armenia were invited to the program, as well as the representatives of local club life, party organizers, DJs, club directors(owners), clubbers and all those people who took part in Armenian club life development. Since 2006 up today DJ Vakcina prooves that a woman DJ may be even more professional than a man DJ. Besides being a mere DJ, she started to organize her own programs which mainly carried public health character. The first biggest party was the festival Vakcinology No Drugs, No Cigarretes, presented in cooperation with Golden Globe production, which was hold in Concert Hall after K. Demirchyan. This was the first festival of such a large scale, in which Armenoids, Arrata Project, Armcore Project, DJ Miro, DJ Extreme and of course DJ Vakcina took part.

    Later she organized a number of parties and DJ competitions, participants of which were Mark Ayunc from Frankfurt, DJ Armen Van Doonian from London, DJ Minister of Music from Hoolywood, DJ Renderman from Moscow and many other DJs. The second biggest party was NO AIDS project organized on December 1st , 2009 in Kami club. This was one more step toward what DJ Vakcina considers primary in her activity-to dictate the youth a right and healthy life, and at the same time to stay supermodern and attend clubs to enjoy the most quality club music and atmosphere. DJ Vakcina was the only DJ who has had honor to play at the same board together with the best DJs arrived in Armenia with Yves Larock on March 20th, 2009 in Tornado, Bob Sinclar on July 29 in the Lovers’ Park.

    Magazines and radio and TV programs have been discussing her personality and image since 2003 till today. DJ Vakcina is one of Armenian most requested DJs, who has occupied her place in Armenia’s club life and starting from 2010 she is going to conquer foreign clubbers. Her preferred styles are-progressive tech, tech house and minimal techno styles, so in most of her sets you can listen to music of mainly this style. The address of DJ Vakcina’s personal website is www.djvakcina.com. Soon DJ Vakcina is going to release her 1st album which is a joint work with 8 Bit project. Till now the CD’s of her set could only be found attached to Night People Yerevan and EL STYLE magazines. From 2010 DJ Vakcina’s CD’s will be exported for sale to foreign countries.

    In March of 2010 DJ Vakcina recommenced her cult radio project in the ether of radiostation ‘Nor Radio’ FM 90.2 and being only one in this field created her own radioshow which brought a great deal of listeners just during the first months. Besides, company called “THE LABORATORY” was established which is in command of DJ Vakcina.
    Now DJ Vakcina is also a ART & PR director of the best club in Armenia named “One Club”
After Hour Party!

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