A human rights defender and democracy advocate, Dr. Mugraby is also a lawyer with an international practice based in Beirut. He is a former lecturer on civil rights, legal philosophy and private international law at the Lebanese University Law School. He was educated in Beirut, at the Lebanese University Law School and the American University, and in New York at Columbia University Law School where he received several fellowships and graduate degrees, including the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science (“JSD”). He is a 1997 human rights awardee of Human Rights Watch, New York, for his defense of human rights in the Middle East.

For many decades, Dr. Mugraby has strongly called for the establishment of modern independent judicial systems in Lebanon and the Middle East, characterized with independence and integrity, as a necessary precondition for the rule of law, democracy and modernity.

Dr. Mugraby has lectured extensively and contributed numerous articles on the rule of law and the constitution, human rights, and democracy, both in in Arabic and in English. His books include “Lebanon First” in Arabic, “Permanent Sovereignty over Oil Resources” in English and Arabic, “The Right Path Does Not Distress Me”, “My Lebanon” in Arabic, and "Al Islam: Rule of Law, Human Rights, War and Peace" in Arabic.

Dr. Mugraby is a native of Beirut.

Muhamad Mugraby

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