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“Rosa Maria” is an exceptional restaurant wholeheartedly depicting and enshrining the art of the famous Czech painter and decorative artist Alfons Mucha. Mucha is the main artist of the “Art Nouveau Movement” and a number of his magnificent works are sacredly preserved in a splendid gallery inside “Rosa Maria”. Mucha’s art depicts European (French/Italian) young beautiful and romantic women, which the name” Rosa Maria” is trying to portray.

This unique place is a memorable experience in itself. We want our patrons to feel at ease, as if they were in their own living or dining room surrounded by the furniture, decoration, figurines and bibelots that they would normally have in their own homes.

There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty, the details and the entire structure that puts “Rosa Maria” Together. Come by and discover this “one of a kind” Italian/International restaurant.

A home to those with good taste in art and food. ”Rosa Maria” keenly serves its customers in three different sections both in style and content.

Come in for a quick bite at their “Trattoria”, a café if you’re in a hurry, or kick back and relax at the“Restaurante” section for a leisurely lunch or dinner. If you’re young at heart and in for a delicious pizza for a modest budget then come over to our “Pizzeria” section.

Newly established by Ras Beirut Food Concept s.a.l (R.B.F.C) “Rosa Maria” offers its special customers breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea accompanied by live piano music played in late afternoons.

Adding to the remarkable art gallery in the entrance and throughout the restaurant are 2 full service bars in the Trattoria area and The Restaurante area.

There is no other place like “Rosa Maria” that springs with originality and matchless Italian homemade and international cuisine.

Come & Check it out! A picture is worth a thousand words


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