Ziad Sahhab started playing the oud in 1989. He became a member of the Beirut Arabic music orchestra in 1993.

At the age of 13, he performed solo at the Cairo Opera House.
He founded the group "Chahadine Ya Baladna" that participated in a lot of local and world-wide festivals, (Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, France, Turkey, England...)

His first album "Ouyoun El Bakar" (Forward Music) released in 2004, includes songs of the Egyptian poet Salah Jahine.

Ziad's second album is called " keep on singing", he sings the poems of egyptian writers Ahmad Fouad Najem and Mohamad Kheir as well as his own texts in a style that is unique and particular.

Ziad now has his own show on tv, كلام هونيك ناس 'OTV' that he co-hosts with his wife Isabelle Noun. Not to mention he is also one of the writers in the tv show CHI.N.N on 'ALJadeed'.

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