Nadine Labaki, born February 18, 1974, is a Lebanese actress and director. She is one of the most well known directors in the Arabic music and video industry. Nadine is usually credited for bringing artists into the scene.

In 2007, Labaki co-wrote, directed, and starred in her feature-film debut, Caramel, which became an international sensation at film festivals and went on to achieve box office success. It showcases Beirut that most people are not familiar with. Rather than tackle political and religious issues which have plagued Lebanon, she presents a romantic comedy that deals with five Lebanese women who live in Beirut and gather at a beauty salon and deal with issues related to love, sexuality, tradition, disappointment, and everyday ups and downs.

The film garnered Labaki much acclaim as both a director and an actress, and put her on Variety's 10 Directors to Look Out for List.

Her latest movie, Where Do We Go Now?, a musical comedy-drama set in an isolated village has won the 2011 People's Choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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