Soapkills was born when Zeid Hamdan and Yasmine Hamdan met each other (not relatives) and took this name in October 1997. A cult group in Lebanon, Soapkills derivesfrom the new electro scene currently blossoming in the Middle East. The group performs sensual music that draws much of its inspiration from Arab songs. The band appears on few compilations and have 4 albums and one live album.

Their touch? Yasmine Hamdan's sensuous voice flirting with a minimalist electro and Zeid Hamdan's delicate machine tweaking.

Yasmine Hamdan: Born in Beirut. She spent her childhood abroad escaping Middle Easts wars from Lebanon and Gulf countries to Greece. She returned back to her native city at the end of Lebanese civil war. Formation: Licensed in Psychology, she took courses in Arabic classical singing and oud lessons at the Lebanese conservatory. She learned to play guitar and Arabic dancing. She is currently preparing a solo project.

Zeid Hamdan: Born in Beirut. He spent his adolescence in Paris. He began his artistic trip on acting in theater and cinema. He continued after returning back to Beirut, at the same time he played guitar and founded several bands.

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