From the most amazing parts of Lebanon, Udance have the skill, stamina and will give you one of the best crews of Hip Hop. UDance, stylized as uDance, gives you a show of a lifetime with unique motivation and dancing that comes directly from the heart.

Feel the music with Tatyana Zein, a talented young Hip Hop dancer, ready to transfer the power that she has been growing for the past fourteen years. The class is both fun and uplifting, forming a trive of mind-blowing dancers with great choreography that will, with full determination, take your breath away, and you are bound to have hundreds of laughs along the way. One of the very few easy dance routines, this technique can be absorbed with just a little devotion and will definitely give you something to be proud of. Tatyana's special teaching skills and techniques are extremely easy to cope with, with her being one of the few choreographers that you can actually grow fond of. The students there also offer an awesome atmosphere where the class is gifted with something that you just can't find in others: Good friends.

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    Mobile: +961 3 48 43 14
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    Tatyana Zein, born half Russian, has a background of skills that she will pass on to all her students. She is gifted with Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics, making it easy for her to teach you how to dance. She has also studied Latin Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop Dancing routines, making her very unique with a wide range of moves that will take some breaths away. Tutored by Christopher Thomas, the one and only Yung Chris, along with the Russian instructor Vera Jurdi, who taught her Ballet and Jazz;and tutored Gymnastics by the Russian instructor Julia Araman.
    She has also taken part in the Francophonie in the opening number of the top 50 dancers. She attended 3 Yung Chris worshops, and is a performer in the Christmas and New Year's annual Festivals along with several other performances.
    Tatyana is awarded with 2 gold medals in Hip Hop, took one workshop in Russia, and has attended YesLB in 2009 & 2010.

    Tatyana's personal quote: "iDance, uDance, weDance. Everyone can dance! I sincerely hope to see you in my class and please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. "

    Choreography: Tatyana Zein
    Graphic Designer: Rami Rikka
    Writer: Mhmd Halawani
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