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For drinking and dining al fresco on a midsummer’s eve, very few places rival the roof of the iconic An Nahar building. This new cocktail bar and restaurant uniquely blends the relaxed with the refined; whether you’re a cuff-linked fine diner or a bikini-clad après soleil cocktail drinker, Iris doesn’t judge, just delights.

Taking over White, which is relocating to a larger venue, Iris is the newest addition to the Addmind family, the mother company behind White, Eight, Gem, Rococo, White Coast, Cassis, Dome, and O. Hoisted atop downtown and tucked away from the chaos of the city, Iris is the ideal place to casually wind down after work or enjoy an exquisite meal at dinner. Far more than just another bar added to Beirut’s nightlife repertoire, Iris seamlessly combines an elegant restaurant with a laid-back rooftop lounge.



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