Do you find yourself all to often eating lunch alone, in front of the computer or TV, thinking to yourself “surely it can get better than this?” You’re not alone. In fact there are
hundreds of thousands of people just like you, thinking the same thing every mealtime, many of the in your very own city - you just haven’t met them yet.

The days of rushed takeaway meals are fast becoming a thing of the past, as foodies and socialites worldwide are realizing that the lunch hour, or act of dining in general should
be re-embraced as an opportunity for conviviality and sharing. Inspired by the dining culture of the French, who literally drop everything at midday to convene and dine
together in bustling cafes and restaurants, we are embracing the rapidly expanding culture of COlunching, CObrunching and COdining. Take the time to stop, enjoy a great meal in good company, and feed your network.

Here’s the main idea: invite friends, friends of friends, or even those in a network that you have never met, to join you for your lunch break. If lunching is not your thing, meet
up with new people for your weekend brunch or mid-week after work meal. You can gather in groups of up to 8, and join a group depending on your given location,
professional interests, cultural similarities, culinary tastes, or even languages’s up to you. Whether you join in a COlunch in your local city, or meet up with locals or
internationals when you travel abroad, you’ll start to see how the act of dining can shift from the virtual and mundane, to become a delicious discovery, and a rewarding social
opportunity at the same time.


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