YASA International, an International Non-Governmental Organization, seeks through its efforts to create a greater level of safety awareness and commitment from all people in order to reduce the global burden of unintentional injuries. It supports strategies to improve international cooperation for safety promotion and injury prevention. The organization launched from Lebanon in 2002 the Middle East Campaign for Accident Prevention (MECAP) which was successful in building effective partnerships with many public and private agencies in the region, especially with media and educational institutions.

The organization works to persuade policy-makers and decision-makers of the immediate necessity to treat Injury Prevention as a major public health issue and to adopt the universal concept of 6Es, based on cross-sectoral collaboration, as a new approach to reduce RTI.

YASA International provides social support to the bereaved families. It counts on their active participation in the safety promotion movement in the Middle East.


Addresses and Contacts

  • Tel.: +9615452587
    Mob.: +9613601972


Articles & Media

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