Nijad Abdul Massih was born in Akkar, Lebanon in1968.

In his early years, he lived in Beirut through out the entire civil war that split the country into many sects.
The inception of this conflict leads him on a journey and into constant travel all over the world. From South into North America, Europe and the entire Arab world; his vision documents moments of truth and reality.

In 1993, he obtained a degree in Fine Arts & Creative Advertising from the, Lebanese American university of Beirut (LAU), to later on pursue the career of a graphic designer and an animator on a children’s program teaching drawing for children on a local Lebanese television.
In the mist of his travels, he took on a position

in 1994 in Italy residing and working for 13 years with a multinational television network as a senior producer, as later on becoming a creative head for seven leading

Photography with Nijad today, moves into a higher level to create real paintings of today’s moments. Motions of people in action; fading architecture that passes by unnoticed are all mixed together into layers of photographed images to finally create one illusion of surrealism with a special technique. In the instance of each creation, every picture painting has a story to tell and captures a moment in time. Nijad currently lives and works in between his two favorite cities; Beirut & Rome.

Nijad Abdul Massih

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