Are you feeling down? Are you experiencing teenage or marital problems? Do you need help taking charge of your future? Are you wondering whether there’s some entity out there that objectively listens, that is trustworthy, that caters to your very particular situation? Now there is: ThinkUP.

ThinkUP is here to fill that gap, to ensure you realize all your potential. To “think up” means to “come up with” – to devise, develop, formulate, discover, dream up, conjure up, invent, create, or concoct.

For the first time in the Arab World, people of all ages have a center designed to address their problems. ThinkUp LLC is the region's first social, moral and educational center. It aims at supporting healthy social and emotional development, through developing positive behavioral skills that lead to success across all life stages: in school, work, family and community. Beirut-based, ThinkUP caters to all ages, including youth (ages 3-19).

Enabling is our specialty. Instead of feeling powerless, wouldn’t you rather feel empowered? But to experience change, you must seek it. Recovery and growth require action. Read about ThinkUP services and find out what they can do for you. Remember: up is the only way to think!


Addresses and Contacts

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    Mar Elias Street Mar Elias Tel.: +9611819060
    Mob.: +96171198151



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