Hady Baydoun is a Lebanese tattoo artist, graphic designer, airbrush illustrator, sculptor, and painter currently operating out of his studio located at Mallah Center in Jal El-Dib, Lebanon.

Hady was formally trained as a Graphic Designer at the American University of Beirut, graduating from the Department of Architecture & Graphic Design in 1996.

Putting ink to skin for the first time on January 20th 1995, Hady Beydoun brought the tattoo to Beirut. In the decade and a half since, Hady has single-handedly been responsible for popularizing the art form in a region where it has traditionally been considered taboo. He has served as the compass of his industry providing it with a standard of professionalism, a code of ethics, a sense of awareness, and most importantly an unrelenting supply of passion.

Hady Beydoun

Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +9613689466



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