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The Real Deal Blues Band was founded by Hani Alayli around a dedicated core of Blues lovers, back in 1997. The band’s mission is to play real blues that stems from the Chicago Blues tradition. 14 years after its founding, RDBB is grooving like never before. A must hear performance for Blues and Blues Rock lovers.

They have performed in all major Lebanese venues, and are considered the foremost representatives of Blues music on the local scene. The band’s set covers many facets of Blues, Jazz and Soul, some of them original compositions – where dynamics and feelings are the name of the game. The RDBB performance is a living statement of the classic 50’s Blues club ambiance – torrid, intimate and musical. A celebration of a collective soul, drenched in a century-old music from Mississippi.

Kool Quartet
Kool Quartet with Abboud Saadi, Emile Boustani, Hani Siblini and Nidal Abou Samra have been playing under different names and in different formations since the 1980s.Their music is a fusion between Rock, Jazz, Blues and World influences. With a sound of their own they play a very specific style that is sometimes dubbed as the "Beirut Sound".


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