“Smart Connected Life in BCD” in Beirut Souks is an Interactive series of demonstrations of advanced internet techniques to be launched by Solidere for the first time in Lebanon.

Solidere, the leading regional property company is organizing “Smart Connected Life in the Beirut Central District” an IT exhibition at the Venue in Beirut Souks from 17 to 19 February. The interactive exhibition is endorsed and set in cooperation with leading technology players worldwide including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Orange and Activemania.

Through this exhibition, a futuristic smart living vision for the BCD projected by the participating companies will be showcased; the smart technology projects are made possible thanks to Solidere’s cutting edge Fiber-Optic Network which is currently exclusively available in the Beirut Central District. Provided by Solidere, the unique infrastructure at the centre of the city is capable of achieving dedicated bandwidth up to 100 Megabytes per second. During the exhibition, Solidere will also display to visitors the features of its IPTV system also unique in Lebanon, which allows BCD residents to follow movies and programs using HD (High Definition) technology.

The “Smart Connected Life in BCD” event will highlight the importance of the IT infrastructure at the BCD via diverse interactive shows specially designed by the participating leading companies; these activities will project a holistic image of a smart lifestyle based on modern technologies facilitating daily tasks and accelerating business transactions, enabling companies to be more efficient. Furthermore, visitors will have the opportunity to witness first-hand new living modes touching all aspects of life including residential, professional, entertainment and leisure lifestyles.

Starting from 12 noon up to 6 pm, the exhibition’s first day will be open exclusively to members of the companies based in the Beirut Central District. On 18 February, the event will be accessible to residents of the area, who will be able to explore innovative IT offerings not available to other areas of Lebanon, aimed at providing them with the highest levels of efficiency, convenience and accuracy.

Promising more surprises, Solidere in cooperation with Microsoft will announce during the exhibition the upcoming introduction of the “cloud services” in Lebanon which includes Virtual Private Servers (VPS), secure Data Backup service; a move that will position the Beirut Central District as one of the most developed areas in the country and an advanced business and residential hub keeping up with the latest technological innovations.

Smart Connected Life in BCD

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Smart Connected Life in BCD Album on Feb 16, 2012


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