For the third year in a row, the reputable private advertising agency Spirit was awarded the Pikasso D’Or for the category of the best Mall visual – Special Malls – with its mesmerizing “Symi Men” deodorant campaign. It is to be noted that Symi is a sub-brand of Cosmaline hair and skin care products part of Malia Group. “Getting a Pikasso d’or award for three consecutive years proves that Spirit agency is a creative agency with high creative and innovative standards” says Spirit’s chairman and CEO, Hani Haddad adding that the agency is keen to stay up to the level. “I’m very proud of Spirit team. We proudly are a shining example of advertising ingenuity” he added. As for the regional creative director Maya Saab she highlighted on the level of creativity the team is showing in every campaign, “pushing the bar so high and setting a challenge for the upcoming years” she said.

Spirit advertising agency recognized for three years in a row

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