Matias Nordahl Carlsen is from the majestic Lofoten islands in the North of Norway. Always on the move, he has travelled the world from North to South, and from East to West. Most often he would go with no money, and he has earned a certain reputation as a prominent hitch-hiker. This is also the theme in his award winning travel documentaries “From Norway to China - With no Money” and “From Cape to Cape - on a Shoestring”.

Twitter account: @MrMatias

Jørgen Evil Ekvoll was born and raised in the outskirts of Oslo. Coming from a family of engineers and nurses, studying fine art in London seemed everything but obvious. At some point he ended up transforming his apartment into a “space shuttle”, and streamed his solitary journey into the depths of “space” live on the Internet for ten days. Since then he has exhibited his art world wide, and has been featured in many international art fairs.

Twitter account: @EKVOLL

One day they met on the streets of Beirut and became instant friends. is a blog about their life in Beirut.

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