Beirut Mazad is the most promising buy and sell online market in Lebanon gathering all citizens and connecting households.

Now with Beirut Mazad you are able to Buy and Sell whatever product, service, or personal belongings you might think of providing to users. The widest Market and the most promising population widespread are a guarantee with Beirut Mazad.

  • Special Feature:
    What do you benefit with Beirut Mazad?
    - Absolutely easy promotion, marketing and selling of your items
    - Extremely wide target audience ranging from 15 - 65 years old.
    - Many features are already in plan and awaiting implementation
    - Amazingly rich Content and Diversity of Categories.

    What's the catch?
    - Their services are 100% Free
    - Several future plans are to be available for a certain minimal fee.



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Charbel Khalil on Aug 12, 2014 via web