"When you travel by foot, you sometimes have to trust the people you meet. Lebanon is no exception. This is usually part of the beauty when you travel like this, but sometimes it can go wrong... In the previous episode of Walk of Causes, we almost got our money and credit card stolen. But we were lucky this time. We got our stuff back, and ended our uncomfortable situation with a handshake.

In this episode of Walk of Causes, we get lost in the mountains again, and meet a man that we have no choice but to trust.

Today it's estimated to be around 30-40 million nomads left in the world. In Lebanon there are between 100-150.000 Bedouins. Most of these live in the Bekaa valley, and earn their living from helping the farmers with the crop. Since they usually don't have any papers, they also fall out of the health care system. This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to them, and is supported by Neo Galleri in Stavanger, Norway. Half of the money she donated went to finish the production of this web series. The other half goes to The Bedouin Health Project that works to improve reproductive and child health care in Lebanon's Bedouin community."

- Matias & Jørgen


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Walk of Causes - Ep 4 - For All ... Video on Dec 26, 2011


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