Pulse' s message:

"In history, in social life, nothing is fixed, rigid or definitive. And nothing ever will be" - Antonio Gramsci.

A fundraising event at Metro Al Madina, in collaboration with various artists, singers and rappers, musicians and actors, and standup comedians as well as other artists. All will come together to give you a night filled with a pulse for life, a pulse for change.

Join the crowd in this night, and witness the vibes and pulse of change, manifesting in revolutionary artistic incarnations. Change is love and willpower, and so is art. Be that change and support the masses in action, be a part of this artistic event hosted by activists and organizers of the 26th of February demonstration (from Dawra to the Electricite du Liban building in Mar Mkhael - For Social Justice, Equality and Secularism)

Be there and support the cause.

  • $10
  • Pulse, Artists' Line Up:

    Abdelrahim El Awji (presenter)

    Katibeh KHamseh wa wehdat el isnad

    Artist Nayssam Jalal

    Poet Abelrahman Jassem

    Zeid Hamdan

    El Ras

    Sarah Abdo and karayebna

    Actor Elie Mitri (stand up comedy)


    And others...
Pulse, a fundraising concert supporting the 26th of February demonstration

Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +96176309363


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Pulse, A Fundraising Concert Album on Feb 23, 2012


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