In recent times, ME.NA.SA. sees an unprecedented new emerging scene:
Comics and Street Art.

Linked to the current news, comics artists, or cartoonists, primarily retrace the sociopolitical values and will give us an insight into the situation in its entirety.

BEIRUT ART FAIR 2012 presents for the first time, an exhibition dedicated to the comics from ME.NA.SA. with thirty original drawings. The “Comics Corner” offers as the “ninth art”, an overview from Maghreb to Asia via the Middle East. It illustrates how comics artists seize their experiences, such as those from Lebanon like Zeina Abirached, Mazen Kerbaj, Jorj Mhaya; from Tunisia like Nadia Khiari; from Egypt like Mohammed El Sharkawi; or from China like Zong Kai, Golo Zhao & Nie Chongrui.

These young creations will also be represented at BEIRUT ART FAIR by several galleries including Sophie Lanoë (France), Janine Rubeiz (Lebanon), épreuve d’artiste (Lebanon), and Richard Koh Fine Art (Singapore)….

BEIRUT ART FAIR dedicates a space for the artistic creation born in the heart of the city and makes the walls speak revealing five years of archives offering a journey through Beirut, its tags and graffiti, and its performances in urban areas. Links with the hip-hop culture will be shown throughout the fair through the mix of images of VJs (video jockeys) in succession during which a performance is expected by the Lebanese group: Ashekman. Other street artists in the spotlight include Yazan Halwani.

BEIRUT ART FAIR 2012: Emergence of new artistic horizons

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The Beirut Art Fair 2012 Exhibition (Art)


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