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It was an unforgettable night with the stars of the new Lebanese movie hitting the cinemas and including the widest range of stars working on the same project since a while.

About the movie:
Mazen, a struggling young man is addicted to living large on a less-than-mediocre income. He falls in love with a co-worker, Elsa, who happens to be high-society. Knowing how expensive her taste would be, he was reluctant to ask her out. One day, he saves a rich philanthropist's life and is awarded a credit card that can withdraw a thousand US dollars every day. Mazen's life turns around overnight. He finally funds his courage and asks Elsa out on a date. Ultimately, Mazen's newly found love-for-life attracts unwanted attention from unsavory people who decide to give him a very hard time in order to push him to relinquish his credit card.


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