Hassan Alameddine was born in June 1993 in Beirut. He received his early training in beirut, where he learned the basic theory and technique at young age from established artist Rachid Wehbe.

He graduated from the Lebanese university in Beirut from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics with a degree in Public Administration and Finance in 1962 He served his country in Public Office at the Ministry of Finance in Beirut until his retirement in 1997 He really launched his artistic carrier late in his life in the 1994’s in his early 60s He suffered a major brain stroke that left his right side partially aralyzed with total paralysis of the right arm in 2001.

He overcame his disability by training and becoming skillfull in painting with his left hand in 2003. He dedicated the last 14 years of his life to his art and passed away in February 2007.

Hassan Alameddine

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