“We reject censorship, as it’s opposed to the values of democracy, undermines the intelligence of the country’s citizens, and harms individual and community rights.

We reject Censorship as it damages Artistic and Intellectual Creativity.”

For the sake of freedom of speech and opinion, a group of artists, intellectuals, activists and journalists including actress Hanan Hajj Ali, director Danielle Arbid, lawyer Nizar Saghieh, journalist Pierre Abi Saab, Maharat Foundation, Censorship Observatory (movement to review the law concerning the censorship in Lebanon) and Orjouane productions, invite you to

"I am free" an event against censorship that will be held, featuring Zeid Hamdan (concert), Alexandre Paulikevitch (Dance performance), Wael Noureddine (lecture), Ed Abbas (from Fareeq El Atrach), Dany Baladi (concert), Adonis (concert), Katibe Khamse (concert), Sit down comedy (performance).

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I am Free Concert Album on Mar 15, 2012


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