Nadi Lekol El Nass” was founded in 1998 to preserve the popular culture with all its diversities and varieties in order to reproduce, archive and publish it. It is an initiative by youth to enrich both individual and collective culture. The club’s concerns are preserving the cultural production and contributing in building it; also, we try to connect the cultural image in all its diverse figures and initiate dialogues between intellectuals and youth to break the barriers and spread nouveau ideas.

“Nadi Lekol El Nass” has variety of activities ranging from cinematic screening and theatrical performances to debates and literary, artistic and social gatherings. The place is Beirut and its theatres, showrooms, clubs, universities, streets and inhabitance. The capitol, the nation’s heart, is beating with prosperous and diverse culture. We spread to the costal and rural areas to popularize culture and be with “All People.” The Lebanese cultural production has the prime share in our activities. Cinema, theatre and local Lebanese music are our club’s major interests. We produce and promote works of creative Lebanese artists for the public to analyze, discuss and to understand; thus, they interact.

Nadi Le Kol Nas

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  • Mob.: +9613888763


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