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Lebanon’s First Farmer’s Market, started in 2004 as a small one man business and successfully grew to become a vibrant organization working on many projects both nationally and internationally. Souk el Tayeb’s vision is to celebrate food & traditions that unite communities and support small-scale farmers and producers.


Foster innovative, environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsive approaches through:
• Supporting small-scale farmers and producers.
• Contributing to local community development initiatives.
• Carrying out advocacy, research, and education about food traditions & Heritage, organic and healthy lifestyle.
• Creating a “platform” that brings together people of different regions, origins & beliefs around a shared goal.

Every week the market hosts over 60 producers from all over Lebanon with different and numerous food products (Fruits, Vegetables, Mouneh, Lebanese dishes, Honey, Olive and Oil, Pastries, Saj, Sweets, Marzipan etc...) as well as traditional and special handmade crafts(Kids books, soap, glass, pottery etc...)


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