Ashkal Alwan is a platform for the creation and exchange of artistic practices. As a non-profit, the association is committed to education, production, support and circulation of creative and intellectual endeavors rooted in an engagement with civil society. Initially, Ashkal Alwan promoted and introduced the work of artists who have been engaged in critical art practices within the context of post-war Lebanon.

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    Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 till 18:00.
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    Jisr el Wati, Street 90 Sin El-Fil Tel.: +9611423879


Upcoming Events

Open Studios: HWP 2014-15 Open Studios: HWP 2014-15 Exhibition (Art)

Articles & Media

Eleven Free (and Fun!) Things to... Free in Beirut on May 1, 2014
24 Hours in Beirut with Raymond ... 24 Hours in Beirut on Mar 8, 2014
24 Hours in Beirut with Jackson ... 24 Hours in Beirut on Jan 18, 2014
From SoHo to SoAd: Adlieh's... Hey, Scenesters! on Oct 7, 2013
24 Hours in Beirut with Krikor... Slideshow on Jul 19, 2013
X-Apartments: Behind Lebanon's... Hey, Scenesters! on May 13, 2013

Past Events

Public Talk: The Artist as... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
To Die of Success. Curating... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
A Body’s Memory – Public... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
Why is Blue “Blue”? –... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
How New York Gave Us the Gift of... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Video Works 2015 Screening
'No Title' Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
The Manufacturing of Rights:... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
'Tawla w Shorba' at Ashkal Alwan Market & Sale (Food)
'Bodies of Repair' Lecture... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
'Of Geopolitics in Exhibiting... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
'The Anthropological Machine'... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
'History to Do What?' Lecture... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
'Destruction and Reparation'... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
ʼəqtifāʼ ʼather (In... Gathering (Book Signing)
1990+ Workshop at Ashkal Alwan Workshop or Class
'It’s The Thought That Counts'... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion)
Vindicating Didacticism Lecture ... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)


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