Norma is a young Lebanese author. She majored and works in the Computer Science field, yet was successful to express her belief towards life’s philosophical notions with her first published book “Experienced, not Defined”. Her Book was published in 2012 and distributed all over Lebanon
including Library Antoine, Virgin Mega-stores and online bookstores. The book revolves around a man forced to readdress his own beliefs when his young son inquires about the Universe’s origin,religion, destiny and fate.

Norma started at a young age writing articles in her school’s magazine about life, death and other abstract philosophies. Her major and scientific approach helped her to see the key life matters in a rational and stronger way.

Norma holds a BS in computer science from the Lebanese American University. She was born in
1987 and currently living and working in Beirut, Lebanon.

Norma Makarem

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