Every once in a while you’ll come across a band who sound only like themselves. Pindoll are one of those bands. Armed with a blend of Forties/Fifties rock & roll roots, a love of jazz, and an insatiable appetite for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what three instruments and a voice can do, pindoll have rapidly gained notoriety in the Lebanese scene.

Although the current lineup of pindoll has only been around since July 2011, the seeds were planted in early 1999 when Mikaelian first got together with Gurunian and drummer Jad Aouad. That unnamed band was short-lived, as Mikaelian left Lebanon to study piano, while Gurunian and Aouad embarked on several projects including writing and producing music for such artists as Blend, Eileen Khatchadourian and Tania Saleh. A decade passed before Mikaelian returned to Lebanon. But the three musicians reunited and – with the addition of Chris Reslan on bass – pindoll’s lineup was finalized.

They are currently working on their debut EP with longtime producer and engineer Philip Tohme; three tracks of original material called Stop Me. They’ve tried to capture the atmosphere of a pindoll concert – keeping the songs uncut and overdub-free. “We didn’t want to do anything in the studio that we can’t do live without needing extra musicians,” explains Aouad. “We wanted to ‘plug ‘n’ play’ and capture the live performance feel. No layers, just four musicians. Keep it raw. Keep it real.”

In March, pindoll will release their first single, “Stop Me,” accompanied by a music video, with the full EP to follow shortly thereafter. Their sights are set not only on regional exposure, but also on international festivals. “It would make us really happy if people who listen to us or watch us live want to play music because of us,” explains Gurunian. “And we want to make it big” concludes Aouad.

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Pindoll at Live By Dany's

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Pindoll Live at Metro Al Madina Album on Jul 20, 2012


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