"The idea behind February is to create Lebanese artisan made luxury leather goods using the finest quality leather, skins and delicate fabrics. Over the years, my endless love affair with fashion and mostly with style icons made my head burst with my own imaginary designs and creations that would reflect a different yet trendy sense of style until one fine day, I laid it all on paper and decided to take a shot and make it happen” explains Yasmina.

"There is harmony in contrast" is one of the “motto” of the brand as it favors the harmony that emanates from a variety of contrasts like old and new, feminine and masculine, timeless and trendy, rough and smooth, round and square, soft and hard, baroque and minimalist, leather and lace, simple and sophisticated, rock and opera."

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  • Special Feature:
    You can shop online at www.lebelik.com

  • Special Formula:
    Handcrafted leather bags, shoes and jewelry.

February Boutique

Addresses and Contacts

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    Trabaud Street Achrafieh Tel.: +9611200101
    Mob.: +9613251255



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