“Maharat Foundation” (Arabic for “Skills Foundation”) is a team of Lebanese journalists united by a common purpose, which is to achieve a freer journalism and to defend and promote free expression in order to build a much more democratic society. Maharat considers that enrooting the idea of peace can only be achieved through democracy – which was often violated in Lebanon during times of peace as well as during times of war. Maharat is part of the International Freedom of Expression exchange (IFEX), a global network of around 80 organizations worldwide. Through IFEX, Maharat reports and alerts are circulated worldwide in English, French and Arabic to thousands of subscribers and website visitors.

Maharat’s main fields of activity are:

-Getting involved in reforming and developing legal frameworks related to journalism, media and free expression.

-Bringing change and exposing free expression violations by monitoring Freedom of Expression status in Lebanon through annual reports, alerts and studies.

-Getting involved in the enhancement of media curricula in colleges and universities in Lebanon.

-Working towards the involvement of media organizations in spreading social values that enhance the roles of marginalized segments such as women, children, and people with special needs.

-Creating a network of young journalists and intellectuals who believe in free expression principles and who are willing to work on their dissemination.

-Following modern concepts and technologies in terms of journalism and media, and empowering journalists to benefit from them.

-Strengthening the concept of democracy in society through the authentication of the Lebanese media experience and supporting it to follow-up the democratization movement in the Arab world.

Maharat Foundation

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