T3 weighs the facts and sifts the bull:

1.The tablet controller display will be auto-stereoscopic 3D, the demo unit we played last year wasn’t, but Nintendo is known to be constantly refining its tech, and a recent patent suggests that a 3DS-style display might be on the cards. Frankly, we’d rather it supported two controllers instead.

2.You’ll be able to stream content to more than one tablet controller, we surely hope so – see above. At first, Nintendo was adamant that the Wii U would only support one controller, yet the confusion and derision that ensued must have caused a rethink. Latest reports suggest its tech heads have got two to work simultaneously, but inconsistent frame rates remain a worry.

3.It won’t have Blu-ray or DVD support, sounds bonkers, but also very Nintendo. None of its previous consoles have bothered with movie discs, so we wouldn’t be surprised.

4.Nintendo will release both 512MB and 1GB RAM versions, no chance; the Wii U is confusing enough already. Developers always trial various units – the demo Vita had 1GB but hit retail with 512MB.

5.Nintendo Network will become a Facebook-like social hub, the online services provided by Mario’s maker have long been its weak spot, so to expect such rapid evolution is fanciful. As good as Sony’s SEN, if not quite Microsoft’s Xbox Live, would be a start, mind…

6.It may have a name change before release, Wii U is undoubtedly a poor moniker, with half the world still seemingly thinking it’s just an add-on to the Wii. And, lest we forget, the Wii was originally announced as the Revolution a year before its release…

7.It will be more expensive than the current Wii at launch, we can’t imagine an HD console with such an over-engineered and pricey-feeling controller emerging from the company that wanted $365 for a 3DS for less than, hmm… 284 notes.

8.It will launch in time for Christmas, it needs to, as come June’s E3 expo, it’ll 
have been a full year since the Wii U’s original, bungled unveiling. The Vita has already encroached upon its remote-play territory and rumors of a next-next-gen Xbox persist…

Wii U: What to Expect

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