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People wonder why the small red fish (goldfish) that they bought few weeks ago died and floated on top of the water although they changed the water regularly, put the right amount of food, and did exactly what the salesman told them to do.

The goldfish suffocated slowly but surely..

A goldfish can grow up to 30 cm, lives 20 years, and is sensitive to colors and sounds with more than a 3 months memory.

This new performance created by Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh is inspired by the civil awakenings taking place in most of the Arab speaking countries. The active, resistant, and engaged body crossed the restrictions imposed on it and declared its being and presence. It manifested its power and awareness through its ‘liveliness’. The body was never recorded, nor copied, and never virtual. It was in the streets proclaiming its ‘being’ and generating its future reality.


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