Plugged In Lounge is an Internet game center which provides you with one of the best experiences in network and online gaming. Having a wide range of consoles from the Xbox to the PlayStation. This is the place to go if you like gaming and you won't have any problems with lag or network issues. It is based on the principle of taking the gamer outside of their home without compromising comfort, so ditch the family computer and plug yourself in.

Their freshly designed gaming arena is divided into an Xbox 360 and a PS3 section. Gamers can:
1. Experience online gaming with barely any lag using our high speed dedicated connection.
2. Join or create a network game with friends and other gamers.
3. Share a single screen depending on the game and console they pick.
4. Participate in our highly competitive prize tournaments or use our facilities to host your own.
5. Surf the web and check your mail using our fully equipped Wifi enabled iPads.

They also provide a second hand market where they offer to display and sell your original Xbox 360 & PS3 games and accessories for a certain fee and under certain conditions.

  • Operating Hours:

  • Average Price:
    $5 and above
Plugged In Lounge

Addresses and Contacts

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    Taj Tower, Crowne Plaze Hotel, Lower level Hamra Tel.: +9611751127
    Mob.: +96170010098

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    Dunes Center Verdun Mob.: +96170010098



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