'Sikkin fi rakaba' is a fictional representation based on society-acquired disquietude. Written by Hisham Jaber, it merges the work of three artists: Hisham Jaber, Marc Ernest, and Liliane Chlela. The performance is mainly a sound-based model, prompting the visual imagination of the audience where text (read and performed by Jaber), music and sound scapes (Chlela & Ernest) interact, clash and merge live on stage. The freedom of the concept compels both performers and spectators, to subjectively interpret the 'conventional' and the 'common'. The most interesting part of the performance is the visually deprived facet of it, inviting the spectators to direct their own 'film'.

  • 20,000 L.L. including one 961 beer.
  • Doors open at 21:00
Sikkin Fi Rakaba

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