Chic et Fou is a new and contemporary fashion line featuring unique designs. The collection is trendy yet subtle and differentiates you every time you are seen . Each piece is uniquely designed and crafted with a limit of 4 pieces per design, at most. Chic et Fou also offers customized designs for that special and fashionable you.

The boutique is located in Verdun. Despite its small size, a mother and daughter could find unique pieces that would satisfy their aspirations and make them stand out among their friends. Whether you are looking for an everyday top or dressing up for a night out, Chic et Fou's collection is definitely worth browsing through. The boutique is also introducing a select collection of international brands currently not available in Lebanon.

Chic et Fou is a reflection of its founders, allowing the brand a blend of two generations and allows a unique contrast in every piece. The contrast and balance between Chic et Fou speaks the language of modern fashion. The designers weave passion in every piece and are confident you will become as passionate and devoted to the brand as they are.

Chic Et Fou

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    Verdun Steet Verdun Tel.: +9611805865
    Mob.: +96170989590
    Mob.: +9613768765


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