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Esquisse Gallery and Le Gray, Beirut held a private opening reception of "Les Dames de Beyrouth" contemporary sculpture art exhibit, taking place at Le Gray Hotel. Mazmanian is a renowned figurative sculptor in the middle east working with bronze and marble. Mazmanian's spatial sculptures which are abstract yet contain realism are exactly that. They have intellectual inertia by showing human ambition, cultivation, awakening and evolution. He views his sculptures as souls, with their own forms, dimensions and logic. He views sculpting as "soul in substance and substance in soul." Mazmanian's unique style of sculpting and perspective comes from years of work experience exposed to various cultures, individuals, and epochs; although ultimately he has gained and learned the most from nature and the human figure. He is also well known for his portrait sculptures, among those: President Michel Sleiman, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Omar Daouk, Madona Trad, Stavro, Aved Derderian, Ghassan Tueni. To date, he has finished over 100 portraits.


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