Hailing from Beirut & Marseilles, Lebanese Franco-Armenian Artist Gilbert Simon has been in the music business for over 10 years as a Multi-Talented Performer: Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Harmonica Player, Drummer, Percussionist, Producer and Composer.

In 2012, The new Gilbert Simon Band members that joined him in his concerts & tour are: Ramy Daaboul on Bass Guitars, Mazen Siblini on Keyboards & Synthesizers, Gio Steve Najarian on Drums & Percussions, and Joe Jeanbart on Lead Guitars.

At an early age, Gilbert used to perform small gigs in Irish pubs around the region with nothing but his acoustic guitar & a harmonica. Back In 2001, he started his very first acoustic band called “The Dream Catchers” with the help of professional musicians & friends.

Earlier in 2006, he was joined by Tony Debner from Chicago IL, USA, on Drums; Moe Kutkut from Amman, Jordan, on Bass; and his lifelong Lead Guitarist for 12 years, Alan T. from Beirut, Lebanon (with whom he founded “The Dream Catchers”). The band also included a few additional musicians on: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone...

The Gilbert Simon Band was complete and ready to be unleashed & tour all around the world (Beirut, Jordan, Cyprus, Sharm El Sheikh, France, etc…). The band participated in many events, festivals & concerts, giving Rock 'n' Roll a new twist delivering high notes and cutting edge tunes making their live performances a crowd screaming frenzy giving people the chance to get up on tables and bars to shake and groove to the funky sound of the band.

Gilbert Simon usually performs tribute covers of classic favorites from the 1960’s up to today; that Gilbert rearranged in his own “Rockoustic” style, in addition to original songs written & composed by Gilbert; Along with some instrumentals by Alan T.

Gilbert Simon & the Band recorded their very first Debut Single Album which is influenced by several great artists such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, U2, Sting & many more. His style can be classed as Classic Rock 'n' Roll with a Blues, Funk & Latin twist.

“The songs are inspired by general things in life, its ups & downs and the bittersweet aspects of living,” explains Gilbert.

After Performing in several Places around the world, Gilbert Simon continued his musical career as the Multi-Talented solo artist & proved to the audience that Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll & Pop Rock still exist & live in people’s hearts. 2010 was a very successful year for Gilbert’s Comeback & Rebirth in Lebanon as a young artist; he started his Mediterranean Summer Tour starting with Beirut, Cyprus & Jordan; the tour’s closing concert happened back in Beirut City, where it all started, & tickets were sold out.

In the beginning of 2011, Gilbert joined the reality TV show “Star Academy 8” in Lebanon, accomplishing one of the Biggest Achievements he’s ever made, showing a high level of professionalism, by performing in many languages and Styles with a variety of International artists, also by showing his impressive Artistic and Theatrical side, winning the “Top One” position several times in a Raw till the Final Prime of the show.

When the show was over in the summer of 2011, Gilbert continued the development of his Solo Career, by working alongside the great Lebanese composer & arranger Michel Fadel to release his first Single Album in Lebanon & the Middle East.
And to add the cherry on top of the professional works of the single album, Gilbert also decided to produce his very first Music Video, by collaborating with the several time Award winner, the Mexican American Film Director & Cinematographer Eric Hinojosa.

In early 2012, Gilbert Simon was one of the Jury members of an official Photo Competition organized by the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) in Lebanon. However, they're also considering Gilbert Simon to be the new Cultural Ambassador for the United Nations Youth Association in Lebanon. Also because he's Multi-Cultural & talented, on March 20 2012, Gilbert Simon became the "Godfather of the French Song Competition in the Bekaa" (Le Parain de la Chanson Francophone dans la Békaa) with the French Cultural Center on the "Journée Internationale de la Francophonie".

After his great success in Star Academy, Gilbert Simon produced his very first big concert in Lebanon, at DRM Beirut - Hamra, on March 10 2012. A night of soulful music that included, reproductions of old classics such as "Another brick in the wall" featuring a 16 piece ARMENIAN CHOIR; the creation of new songs, such as "Slice of Mango", "My Highway Song", "Too Tired To See", "I'm Just A Free Bird", "The World Is Ending in a Minute" & duets with artists from Cyprus, Ireland & Jordan. This great concert was the main inspiration behind the Mediterranean Tour, that started on this incredible musical evening. The amazing impact that came out of the DRM Concert, encouraged G.Simon production team to take it to the next level, with this Mediterranean Tour, that will continue In Amman, Egypt, Cyprus, Dubai, Marseilles & we end the tour in Beirut, back to the start point.

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