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UNESCO Beirut office, Solidere, MEADOWS and OFAA are organizing on the occasion of the “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” an International Flag Art Exhibition.

The inaugural event of “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” proclaimed by UNESCO will be celebrated on Monday 21st of May 2012 and shall be manifested in an International Flag Art Exhibition displaying the artworks of 40 international renowned artists who were the recipients of the 2008 Olympic Gold medal and the Olympic torch at the Beijing Olympic Fine Arts competition in 2008 and shall be representing 40 countries respectively. The innovative concept aims in achieving the goals of the UNESCO proclamation through an artistic event that reverses the process of dialogue through the arts by displaying the artworks on a prominent public venue at the Beirut Waterfront corniche, in the form of large banners.

The Lebanese Olympian Fine Arts Gold medalist, winner of the Olympic torch artist Lena Kelekian who is the president of OFAA “The Olympia Fine Arts Association”- Finland and MEADOWS NGO “Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development Of Widespread Sustainability” conceived together with UNESCO-Beirut office, the idea of merging the two major themes of “Cultural Diversity and dialogue” and the “Olympian spirit” represented by artworks of Olympian Artists where cultural diversity of different nations becomes a source of enrichment, transcending differences and opening a portal for cultural dialogue.


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