Amel’s objectives are:

1) Promoting social, economic, civil and cultural rights for the underprivileged in Lebanon.
2) Contributing to building a strong and mobilized Civil Society in order to strengthen national unity and promote democratic values.
3) Advocating and lobbying for the principles of human rights in the
4) Assisting and providing quality services for everyone (medical activities, rural development, trainings…)
5) Promoting equal rights and equal opportunities.

It's vision is founded on the “3 Ps”, where principle comes first, then position and lastly, practice, and those three should relate and reflect each other whether by theory or on the field. Amel Association is committed to a universal and international vision of human rights, a vision of moving towards building a common future with the spirit of human solidarity that seeks to serve the just causes of the world.

Amel Association

Addresses and Contacts

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    Amel bldg, Abou-Chakra Street Burj Abi Haidar Tel.: +9611317293
    Tel.: +9611317294



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