Close yours eyes and imagine that challenging day either at the office or at home with the kids. You are feeling the stress of a full day as you scurry through the mall. Suddenly your senses are acute to the wonderful smell of SIAM™ Cinnamon. You seem drawn to the location, and as you approach the attractive looking store you see the friendly staff preparing products on sight in a warm, inviting environment. You can see all of the fresh ingredients being used, and on the hot plate is the prize. A hot, gooey delight smothered in Cream Cheese frosting. You are helpless. Your nose and eyes have drawn you close and now your stomach has taken over. Cinnzeo is a unique café style bakery that specializes in producing in-house oven hot Cinnamon Rolls and fantastic coffee world wide.

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    Beirut Mall Tayouneh Mob.: +9611385886



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